January 28, 2010


Another binding done. I estimate I used 2,970 stitches to secure the binding to the backing. I'm sure I'm making my stitches too close together. The quilt is washed and ready for use. It measures 46 x 57. I used Shirtings 1875-1900, for the front and a colorful train flannel for the back.


  1. I haven't done much quilting, and all of it was by hand, but I didn't know you could have stitches too close together!

  2. Very, very nice quilt, Jan. LOL, I'd have to know on average how far apart your stitches are to guess if they're too close. Mine are about 3/16ths apart - a friend of mine use to say if the recepient's pinky toenail couldn't get caught in the space between 2 stitches they were far enough apart. Are the inner rectangles raw edge applique?

  3. I have about 15 stitches to an inch. I'm trying to make them further apart on the one I'm just finishing.

    I think you could call it "raw edge applique", I stacked layers and stitched around them, before cutting each piece in half, then joining for the quilt top.


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