December 29, 2009

What I've been up to.

In additon to reading, (I only read 9 books this month, 135 for the year), working a lot of hours, and the holidays, I sewed some quilts. The top two are "Warm and Light" quilts, no batting and hand tied. I'm just waiting for the flannel for the backing to arrive. The next two are waiting to go the the long arm quilter. She has two of mine, but I'm pretty sure they were low on her list, because many people waited until the last minute to call her for their holiday quilting, and mine weren't for gifts. When she delivers those, I'll give her these.

This one had WAY too much orange, until I added the frames of green and blue. Now I love it.

This one was a zig zag experiment. I'll calling it a jumbled zig zag. Love it, too.

This is Lizzie, she's 12, and has been supervising me, closely.


  1. Wow you are a busy woman...beautiful quilts.

  2. You are sew organized! I'm very impressed. Beautiful quilts too!


  3. You have been busy. Lovely quilts and what an adorable doggie.

  4. Lizzie is a doll! Have you made her her own quilt? Looks like you are having fun! They are all beautiful!

  5. Woooowwwww!!! Those sure are pretty! Do you ever sell them?

  6. Your quilts are lovely very fresh, wonderful choice of fabrics and patterns. Thanks for sharing.


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