December 2, 2009

Sour milk

A couple of weeks ago when I sat down to eat my breakfast, I sniffed the milk, before pouring it on my oatmeal. Thank heavens I did, because the milk had gone bad. I had another half gallon, unopened in the frig, so I opened it, and it was sour, too. The sell-by date on both milk containers was still one week away. Later that day, I took both rinsed containers back to the store and asked for a replacement. The store gave me an exchange, but I must say the clerks looks at me as if I was from Mars.

Yesterday, the same thing happened! Instead of returning the containers to the store, I called their customer service department, and explained what happened. They were very polite, and asked for all the details on the container, bar code, batch numbers, etc. They said some one would contact me later that day.

When I received the follow-up call, I was told they were sorry this had happened, and were going to send me a Gift Card for $10. I was surprised, but pleased. They also said the milk producer would be calling me the next day. When the milk people called, today, they thanked me for bringing the problem to their attention. They said most likely the milk had been left on a loading dock too long, and they would make sure proper procedures were being followed. Oh, by the way they are going to send me a check for $5.00, for my inconvenience.

Yippee, for good customer service. (Milk bottle vases made by Alyssa Ettinger, available for purchase on her Etsy site)


  1. We recently had problems with milk turning sour, similar to yours. But we soon realized that somehow our refrigerator temperature gauge had been turned up. My husband measured the temperature in the frig which confirmed that was the reason the milk had been souring.

    While this may not be your problem, you may want to check the temperature in your frig. But it is nice to know that there are stores out there that provide good customer service.


  2. As it should be Jan. Businesses need to be cognizant of their customers at all times. Good for you for not ignoring this.

  3. Good customer service is SO important!!! A local grocery store went out of their way for me once so I go out of my way to shop with them :) So glad they were so helpful and responsive!!!

  4. How wonderful that you got good customer service and they were concerned about their food safety! We no longer buy milk at Wal-Mart because it always went bad before the expiration date. Despite our complaints, they never did anything to improve their handling. We now buy it from Krogers and have never had a problem with their dairy stock.


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