November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, II

I'm still in the 'taking it easy' mode. Next week I'll be back to work, and normal. Last night, we picked up a Holiday Dinner, from Claim Jumper, for today; so much easier and so simple. All I had to add was a veggie tray, and olives and pickle spears. I'm also making a Waldorf Salad. Bob thinks he's being seriously neglected if he doesn't get Waldorf Salad with every Holiday Dinner.

Yesterday Sharon and Oden went to the San Diego Zoo, and crashed here, last night. There was no sense driving all the way home to OC, then driving back here to Murrieta, in the morning. Last year, Carrie made a surprise visit for Thanksgiving. I have a wonderful family.


  1. I too always make waldorf salad. I'd love to know how your Claim Jumper dinner turns out. I've not been pleased with the grocery store ones in the past. Claim Jumper sounds good.

  2. Love that picture! Hope you had a great holiday!


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