November 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Oden

Ever since I made Bob his own quilt, Oden's been trying to bogart it. So, I used the same fabric to make him one of his own quilt, for his 10th birthday. Happy Birthday, Oden, I hope you like your quilt.
The back.

I took Oden to his soccer practice on Wednesday, and gave him his quilt, plus two books. He loved it.


  1. You have made how many quilts now??? I know its a lot. Oden is going to love his quilt and will have something to remember his gran.

  2. What a nice gift Grandma! Soccer balls on it too. I'm sure he was thrilled! Love the back ..

  3. I really like this quilt. Nice color combination. Oden will love it, I'm sure.

  4. Did you whip stitch the circles on? The whole thing is wonderful, the colors, the design, no wonder he wanted one.

  5. I think you did yourself proud. Very nice wuilt.


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