August 7, 2009


Two interesting things:

First I tried a new hair cutter, Marnie, on Wednesday. The Hair Goddess, my old hair cutter, decided to stay home and take care of her Etsy business, so she referred me to the only person allowed to cut her hair. I liked Marnie and I got a great haircut; (she may receive a new title, too, I haven't decided). I told her that one of the young women I worked with would be calling her, because we both used The Hair Goddess. I also told her that some of the younger women have to save up to get a haircut. This is the good part, she said no problem, tell them to book two friends for the same appointment, and she'll cut them both for one price. Isn't that great?!

Second, on Wednesday a did a custom jewelry order from a online shop. It'll take 2-3 weeks to receive my order. Imagine my surprise when I received a package in the mail from the same shop? It was a belated birthday gift, also customized, from Carrie. When I called to thank her for the great necklace, (it is a circle that says, Carrie, Sharon, Erin, Brett, Oden, around the perimeter,) I told her how suprised I was to get the package, because I'd just ordered. She asked what I'd ordered and I had to tell her it was a suprise, maybe for her.


  1. Cool and cool! How great that she'd let people do that! And how cool that Carrie was thinking of you too! :)

  2. Sounds like a great hairdresser! I still haven't found one I like that great after 12 years here.


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