July 12, 2009

This is my Sewing Studio, not....

I've recently started quilting; except for one large project, years ago, I really haven't done any. I've completed two quilts, am working on one and have more in the planning stages.

I sew in our dining room. It works out pretty well. I have to clean up and put everything away, when it's our turn to have either our card or domino group over. We rotate, so about twice a month, it's our turn.

This is not quite as convenient as it was before we retired and down-sized; then I had a sewing room/library, boy was I spoiled.

I'm happy sewing in the dining room; our dining room is much better choice, than when I was a girl and teen, living with my family in a small 2 bedroom, one bath home. I sewed on the kitchen table; and every meal, three times a day, I had to put my sewing away. I made my most of my wardrobe and my wedding gown, under those conditions. It's all I knew, so it didn't seem like a hardship; but in retrospect, it was a real pain.


  1. Can't wait to see the finished product. I too sew on the kitchen table. But now have moved machines to the laundry rom. Not the ideal set up but at least I can leave it and shut the door and no one bothers it.

  2. I think the quilting makes the dining room more warm and cozy.

  3. Your table is big and makes a nice layout for you. I too am used to sewing without a lot of room. Thanks for sharing.

  4. thanks for playing along!

  5. I love sewing at a table and getting to leave the mess for a bit. Such fun creating! I've been away too long.


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