July 18, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday

Robin is one of my favorite bloggers; she started a new meme - Summer Stock Sunday. She wants to know - What's on your summertime agenda this week?

This week we had two boys in the house; Oden, 9, and his half-brother Ares, 5. We were really lucky.

We went to the pool a lot.

We went to the San Diego Air and Space Museum, both boys thought it was AWESOME!! It gave them a great chance to learn more about Bob. There was a model of the Yorktown, the aircraft carrier he served on, before we were married. Also Bob built the command modules that went to the moon, and one of them was there, too. They knew he'd been a detective on LAPD and he was an athlete, but they didn't know this facet of his life. No photos; shocking.

The boys wanted haircuts; well Ares did, and Oden needed one.

They designed hot pads for their Moms.

We went to two minor league baseball games.

Ares lost a tooth, so the Tooth Faerie came.

Life is good.


  1. You guys always do the coolest things when the grandchildren come to visit. Forget adopting my son, I want you to adopt ME!

    Love the ballgame shot. Could those two look any prouder to be out with you guys?

  2. Great story! I enjoyed reading it - and I agree with Robin, could you take ME out for a day or so? : )

  3. I like the idea of the hot pads the boys designed, I could use one of them. You had lots of fun with the grand children.

  4. the smiles at the ball game are pricless

    looks like everyone had a great week

  5. Oh what a joy the grandkids are, they keep you young and its fun to do things with them. They are both handsome little guys.

  6. Cute little guys that kept you very busy. Love the photo of the lost tooth. My little guys all left today and the house seems so quiet and empty:)


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