July 5, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday

Robin is one of my favorite bloggers; she started a new meme - Summer Stock Sunday. She want's to know - What's on your summertime agenda this week?

This week we had no grandchildren to entertain us, but we managed to keep busy.

Bob and I went to the Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood Concert at the Hollywood Bowl. It was awesome. I posted about it when we got back, you can read about it here.

My wonderful Aunt Vicky, has a mini-family reunion each year around the Fourth of July, this year it was on Friday the 3th.. Cousins come from all over the country. It's always so much fun; a wonderful chance to catch-up with some of my favorite people.. There has been as many as 65, this year there were 40. We're the Davis clan.

On the 4th, we went to a Pow-Wow. Since we retired and moved to Murrieta, almost 11 years ago, I've gone several times to the annual Pow Wow, held close by at the Pechanga band of Luiseno Indians. It's always very exciting to me. I love the music and dances. Our visit was too brief, it was hot and windy, and we'd visited the ER during the night.

That's our week, except, I harvested my hollyhock seeds. My first hollyhocks were volunteers, probably courtesy of the wind and/or birds. They were a great gift and I love sharing the seeds. They come in different colors, and the seeds are pot-luck, no color choice. If you're interested in some, send me an email with your snail mail address, if I don't already have it.


  1. Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood? Wow, I would have loved to have been there!

    Your hollyhocks are beautiful and the pow-wow looks like a terrific place to spend time. I hope your ER visit the night before wasn't too serious.

    PS Your linkie is pointing to some strange site, I had to go through your profile to get here.

  2. Yes, Jan, Robin is right: ThePrytzFamily.com. I love your family photos! Glad you had a fun 4th! Say hi to Bob! :)

  3. Great pics. I just sent you an email ....

  4. At first I thought nothing can beat Eric Clepton - but Pechanga band totally wins in my charts! Great photos - thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh Jan you were right here by me, (I am 15-20 mins from the hollywood bowl) and you saw Clapton? What a 4th of July treat!!!
    mine is here

  6. Sounds like you had a great time! What a large family! How neat! Love your flowers too of course. :) Hoping all is well. *hugs*


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