July 1, 2009

Hollywood Bowl

We left early, for our drive to Hollywood. Mapquest predicted 1 1/2 hours, and that's about right, if there's no problems. We ran into all kinds of problems including accidents, (multiple) and construction. Our drive took 3 hours, luckily the return trip, today only took 1 1/2 hours. We'd left early because I wanted to do some walking around and take photos, I know all my readers are surprised.
Hollywood is a pretty interesting place, and we had a lot of fun, just walking around.

Using our "hotel points", we had a free room, and we were within walking distance of the Hollywood Bowl. The concert sold out right away, and Bowl parking was horrendous; walking was the way to go.

Even though I purchased our seats early, we were in "nose-bleed" territory. I heard several people discussing how fast the "good" seats sold out. But I think way up high is the best place to listen to the music; and the music was great. The above collage shows the Hollywood Hills, before the show. There was a slight breeze and the sky was beautiful. Below a some shots taken during the show.


  1. Jan: Very nice captures from the Hollywood area. You did a nice job of picking out interesting places.

  2. I love, Clapton n windwood, they have some great music. The Hollywood bowl reminds me of the Red Rocks ampitheater in Denver Colorado, the setting there is breath taking. Great photos Jan

  3. I have major goose bumps!! ERIC CLAPTON?? IN PERSON?? that is me screaming, that is better than the Bettles any day. SIGH. :)


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