June 13, 2009


We're finally home from our vacation. I'll post about the trip, later; we've just gotten in the door, and it's been a long, long day.

After we arrived back in Southern California, we took our chauffeur, Sharon, grandson Oden and his half brother Eres, to dinner. After eating, the boys and I exited the restaurant, and waited for Sharon and Bob outside. We waited, awhile; when they came out, Sharon said, "Dad's a hero, a man was choking and Dad did the Heimlich on him."

Yep, we have our very own hero. I wish the boys had been inside the restaurant to see Bob in action.

I'll be posting about our 3 weeks away, soon. First unpacking, laundry, rescuing the dogs from the kennel and uploading photos, lots of photos.


  1. Yea Bob! Can't wait to see th pohots. Thanks for the post card. We have even been to Horseshoe Bay.

  2. Nothing like a vacation to put you behind. :) But boy they're fun! :)


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