July 8, 2009

Project 1944

Photojojo suggested Making a Photo History of the Year You Were Born.

I thought this might be interesting. Alas, when I looked up 1944 in Google images, 90% of the images were of WWII. Flickr was a little better, so I'll show some of those.

This is what the world looked like, the year I was born. Today is my birthday, I'm 65.


  1. Happy happy birthday Jan!!! Have a great day!

  2. As I look at the photos, I wonder, has the world changed for the better??? Have a wonderful Birthday Jan, and may you have many more to follow.

  3. Happy Birthday Mom! Those are great photos.

  4. Hi Jan - Thanks for visiting my blog. I have another book to share with you - The Help, by Kathryn Stockett. Kathryn was a sorority sister and co-worker of mine, so the book is extra special to me. Have you read it? I LOVE your book review blog and will be referring to it frequently. Thanks!

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