May 15, 2009

It worked

A while ago, I received a "chain book club letter" from one of my Tai Chi students.  I usually don't pass this type of thing along, but hey, it's books.  The deal was I would send one book, used was alright, to the person on her list, and I would forward the "chain book club letter" to six others.  Eventually I should receive 36 books.  I did it and my first book, from a stranger arrived today, from Hercules, CA,  and it's a book I haven't read.  

I sent a favorite book of mine to Rancho Cucamonga, and sent my copies of the "chain book club letter" to six people I know are readers.  I've either given them books or they've won books from me.  The letters went to NYC, Clayton, NC, Plover, WI, Orem, UT, Pinole, CA, and Milford, OH.

I'm excited and can't wait to see where the remainder of the books come from and what gems I'll discover.


  1. I've sent my letters and my book to CA... and look forward to opening the mailbox in hopes of recieving some books. I can tell you also that I am one chapter from being finished with Dancing In The Lowcountry. I have enjoyed visiting Myrtle Beach and all the surrounding areas...places that I know about. Cincinnati was even mentioned. How fun is that!

  2. That is exciting Jan to receive and send books. I think its fun and very interesting.

    Tess (life is beautiful)


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