April 11, 2009

Wild Animal Park

We had a great time, yesterday, at the Wild Animal Park. Bob and I had only been there twice before; when Carrie and Sharon were small and when Erin was small.

When we got there, it was drizzling, then it stopped. Later the sun came out, briefly; then it hid on us, again. Right as we were deciding whether or not to hike to see the elephants, it started to rain. We let the rain make our decision, and we left. By the time we got to our car, it was really raining! Liquid sunshine, at it's best.

All of us had a really good time, and were sorry we had to leave so soon; but we'll be back.

Oden wouldn't pose for me, until after Bob had stepped up to the plate.


  1. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for the sweet visit. Looks like you all had a lovely time and have a wonderful Easter!

  2. thanks so much for coming to my blog..i love bn.com :) awesome place..i bet it so much fun to work there :) have a wonderful Easter ;)


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