April 3, 2009

My week

This week started my month long jury duty.  The judge anticipates the complex trial will last the entire month of April.  Of course, I can't discuss the trial; but I wanted to tell you what I've learned.  Justice is  v e r y   s l o w.  Two trial days, and I was home by lunch time both days!  Also court is never in session on Friday.  Three of my friends have sons and daughter-in-laws, who are attorneys, and I learned from them that this policy gives the court time for review.  Whatever.

Since I have the day off, Bob and I are headed to San Diego, to the Zoo, today.  Last month we went to the L. A. Zoo, and had a blast.  The San Diego Zoo is closer and we've renewed our membership, so I think we'll make a point of frequent visits.

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