April 26, 2009

Fun Day

Friday, my jury took the day off, because we can. We learned that once we were in deliberations, we were free to set our own schedule. Three of the twelve needed to be other places, so we all took the day off!

It was very fortunate for Bob and I, because it was a special event at Oden's school. The fourth and fifth graders had an event about historical figures. The kids dressed up as "their" historical person, gave a speech and brought something for lunch, to share, that their person would eat.

The speeches were one on one with whoever pressed their button, Wax Museum style. It was a fun event. I talked to more than one Tony Hawk and Bill Gates was very popular, too.

I think you can guess who some of these kids represented, but here's the rundown:

Mr. T., Annie Oakley, Neil Armstrong and Arnold Schwartzenegger, Michele Obama.
Milton Hersey, Armstrong and Schwartzenegger-again, Hank Aaron and Joan d'Arc, twice
George Washington, Tony Hawke, Dr. Suess, Mary Ingalls Wilder.

I loved how Hank Aaron is helping Joan d'Arc with her stake. Below is Bob, Sharon and Oden, aka Schwartzenegger.

Don't Bob and Oden look alike?

The fun is over, Monday, I'm back in the jury deliberation room. So far, deliberating is less stressful than listening to evidence being presented and listening to attorneys talk.


  1. what a wonderful event for the children. I am so glad you were able to attend.

  2. That is a great idea for the kids. Sounds like fun for everyone. My two oldest gran-daughters girl scout troupe did something similar but they did countries. My two, did France and Mexico. They had to give some info and food from each country. It was a great learning experience and fun for all.

  3. Man, I miss having young kids around. I loved this kind of thing. You've made a beautiful collage of photos there!

  4. Uh Oh, they look exactly alike. I'm still trying to decide if this is good or bad. :o)


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