April 27, 2009

Free at last

My jury duty ended today.  The trial was long and complex - there were three defendants, each with his own attorney and jury.  They were all tried in the same courtroom, at the same time.  It's very unusual to have 3 juries hear evidence, together.  Including alternates, there were 45 jurors in the courtroom each day.  There was one victim and here are the charges against the three perpetrators:

Forcible Oral Copulation
Attack with a Deadly Weapon
Attempted Murder

At the time of the crime, the defendants were 15, 20 and 35 years old and the victim was 19.  The men were loosely related; nephew, brother-in-law and uncle!  Only one admitted guilt, but said he really didn't know what he was doing, because he'd been drinking!  He was the oldest one, my defendant.

Our jury found him guilty of all counts, including some enhancements, except one.  We didn't accept his defense regarding the drinking, nor did we accept his attorney's deflection that stabbing some one 22 times was just poking them.   The one count we didn't find him guilt of was Torture; the entire experience was torturous for the woman, but didn't meet the legal definition of premeditated torture.  He will be sentenced at a later date and I hope he gets a life sentence.

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