April 1, 2009

The first day of National Poetry Month.

I've decided to post a poem a day, for National Poetry Month. Cassie Marshall is among my list of favorite teenagers. She's a really neat kid, and the daughter of Alison, of RDH Mom, fame. I asked her permission to save a publish her poems for this month's poem-fest. These were previously published by Alison. Thank you, Cassie.

The Wind, by Cassie Marshall

The wind blows through as a sign of life.
The wind blows through my hair.
The wind blows through the field as it makes flowers sway from side to side.
I smile when the wind blows because I know
That when the wind is blowing
It is blowing through my soul.
And when it is in my soul,
I know that is where my soul will be
When I expire.

I Love To Sing, by Cassie Marshall

I love to sing,
It makes my heart ring.
Like the bells in a church,
Like a bird on a perch.
Any type of song,
I can sing all day long.I love to sing,
It makes my heart ring.

Me, by Cassie Marshall

Wishes to swim with dolphins,
Dreams of becoming a marine mammal biologist,
Wants to make a difference in the world.
Who wonders what it is like in space.
Who fears death.
Who is afraid of war.
Who likes to have a great time.
Who believes in heaven and hell.
Who loves pizza and ice cream.
Who loves karate.
Who loves her family.
Who loves to help people in need.

Do you have a poem you love, and want to share?

Inaugurated by the Academy in April 1996, National Poetry Month (NPM) brings together publishers, booksellers, literary organizations, libraries, schools, and poets around the country to celebrate poetry and its vital place in American culture. Thousands of businesses and non-profit organizations participate through readings, festivals, book displays, workshops, and other events.

Photo is from Google Images, The Singing Butler Jack Vettriano


  1. this is wonderful Jan...I can't wait to show Cass when she gets home from school, she will be so excited. Just last night she was asking me why I haven't blogged in awhile and she was sure that everyone missed her (not me of course!!) and that maybe she should start blogging. This will add fuel to her fire, but also make her very happy. Thank you so much!!

  2. Thank you sooo..... much Jan. This means the world to me. I am so happy to be on your list of favorite teenagers. I am very happy that you like my poems and put them on your blog. I will write more poetry and MAKE my mom put them on her blog. My mom told the truth about me wanting my own blog. I dont know if I can get one now but maybe very soon. It seems interesting. I don't have it all planned out yet for when I do get one but I do know you will be one of my friends. You are a very kind-hearted woman. I just made thisoem up but i hope you like it.


    Childern are seedlings at first.
    Just like flowers.
    Children grow up nice and tall.
    They become beautiful.
    Like flowers in the spring.
    Children need love and affection.
    So do flowres.
    No two childern are alike.
    So you see childern are like flowers.
    You love children and you love flowers.
    They are both things you will never forget.

    Hope you liked it!!! :]
    Thanks again


  3. Jan it is great to read Cassie's poems again.

    Cassie I love your poem about children-keep writing.

  4. Yep! This kid has talent! I can vouch for that! Mwah Caz! And thankyou Jan for sharing her talents!

  5. Very beautiful work, Cassie!!!! Lovely.

  6. came over from RDH Mom's blog. I am also a huge Cassie fan!


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