April 17, 2009

An easy way to help

For Fun Monday, a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Bob and I have started writing a check to our favorite local charity each month; just like paying another utility bill. Times are really tough for small charities, right now. An easy everyone can help is right on your keychain. Every time you swipe your Rewards or Savings Card at your supermarket, they'll donate to your charity of choice. The set up is easy via the web or a phone call.
Our donations go to Animal Friends of the Valley, our local animal rescue group. It's a natural for us; we've had 10 dogs, during our almost 45 years of marriage, and we only purchased one. The rest were rescues of some sort.


  1. What a wonderful idea, Jan. I know the animals are grateful. Hubby and I have 4 animals at home; only one was obtained from a pet store. The other 3 were rescues.

    Sometimes I get depressed when I think about the number of homeless and unwanted animals there are out there...and even more so now with the recession going on. There's a saying that I really like...something about how you can't change the world, but you can change it for one (or two, or 10) animals. Happy Friday to you!

  2. This is nice. Charities ARE suffering. I grew up in an atmosphere of supporting charities, and I have always done it myself. And my favorite ones are for animals. Of the nearly 30 dogs that went through my household in my growing-up years and my own 5 animals since leaving, all have been rescues of some sort. Usually not the animal shelter for I have a hard time being there (though one came from there), but somehow or another a hard-luck story with no home.


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